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Anonymous asked:

some ppl are meant to fall n love n not be together thats onika n aubrey

And some people are meant to fall off a cliff. And that’s FuckBoyFaree.

But what are ya gonna do?


Anonymous asked:

i think nicki n sb can be happy together i mean we dunno how he makes her feel n private times just cuz she dnt show it i mean ten yrs on n off n wen they fight he comes back so love is there

Just because the person comes back doesn’t mean they’re good for you. I had a boyfriend for 3 years that used to kick my ass & cheat on me, but he always came back. So is that love?

And I never, not once, said they couldn’t be happy. You can be happy with anyone if you really want to. I just PERSONALLY don’t think she would be AS HAPPY with him as she COULD BE with Aubrey, tis all.


Anonymous asked:

Do you honestly think for some other worldly reason Nicki and Drake will end up together. Like maybe shell open her eyes and see that fuckboy aint whats good for her. I mean Drake all in he been ready.

Honestly? Like in my heart of hearts? No. But do I wish it? More than anything. Tbh, I don’t think she’ll realize how much of a catch Drake is until she’s married with big headed children that tear up her house because daddy isn’t watching them. She’ll carry an overstuffed laundry basket of his clothes down to their shared bedroom that’s cluttered with shit she hates but it’s there because “it’s my house too, woman.” And she’ll close the door at the sound of fuck boy jr & his little sister saffron breaking YET ANOTHER vase & sigh. She’ll take a long look in the full length mirror on the door to her ensuite & think “…where the hell did it all go wrong?” And then she’ll get that pang on nostalgia in her stomach. A spark of the fire that once burned inside her will ignite again as she remembers him. The days & night of just togetherness. Of being cherished & not ignored. Of a time where the most important thing in her man’s life was just being with her & not the xbox 720 in her living room (which I’m sure will be out by then). She’ll remember how her skin felt blazing hot at the touch of his hands but still sent chills down her spine. That’s when she’ll know.

But by then he’ll be married to a nice Jewish girl that his mother loves, their wedding will have been two years ago & she’ll be pregnant with his first child. And she’ll want to reach out to him but she won’t because after his last Hail Mary attempt (which everyone knows he’ll make), her “man” will have forbade her to talk to him.

And she’ll drop the basket at her feel & she’ll sink down to the mattress behind her & cry for everything she could’ve had. Everything she wanted. For how stupid she was. But then her baby daddy will call for another sandwich (even though he’s a literal 20 steps from the kitchen) & she’ll wipe her face, raise her head & carry on. Because she chose him. And pride will always overshadow her regret so she’ll just deal with it.

But y’all don’t hear me doe…


Anonymous asked:

I believe you 100 percent on number 2. Another reason is because Drake is much younger than she is. So she may not be with that. But I know her n Drake done messed around on some exclusive shit.

I don’t think age is really a factor in this case. Yeah he’s younger than her but he has older parents so he ore any spent a lot of time with them. He looks like they type of guy that has an old soul. I mean, look at the way he decorated his house lol. She might not be able to look past that but if she knows him as well as I think she does, she prolly doesn’t even notice it.


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