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not only are black women the most educated, they are also the most beautiful and the most talented

yes blacks are all these things but whites are too. lets not put one another down.



never have i seen a post saying “white people are the smartest, the best, and the supremacy” because thats not correct. im not trying to “steal your moment” im trying to make a point. race doesnt say a damn thing about your talent or how smart you are. that all depends on how hard you work and the goals you have.

You didn’t have to, though. You did all of that just by inserting yourself into a conversation that had nothing to do with you.

This post is literally about promoting black women; making them feel proud about themselves and then you come out saying, "Yes, but what about us?"

We know that there are white people that are smart, but this isn’t about them. This isn’t about you.

This is about us.

But you made it about you the moment you decided to input your two cents.

Also, nowhere in the post did OP bring down white people. They were literally talking about black women.



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Anonymous asked:

How can anyone say it's ok to hack someone's computer and invade their privacy and post their naked pictures because they are comfortable with their sexuality and have posed semi nude for pics is ignorant. So if I'm not a virgin you can rape me? After all I've had sex before so I shouldn't complain if you force sex on me? It's about privacy and control- she can send nudes to people she chooses privately or pose for fashion magazines but she has the right to control it. It's a violation 😔



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